Shutters for Gym Windows and Basement in North Shields

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Shutters for Gym Windows North Shields

Shutters for Gym Windows and Basement in North Shields

We recently installed some made-to-measure interior shutters for a customer called Andrew who is based in North Shields. Our own Andrew called out to survey two rooms, a basement at the front of the property that was easily overlooked from the pavement and a stylish gym room at the rear of the house.

Taking on board Andrew’s concerns about privacy in the basement the obvious solution was to add full height shutters. Due to the design and framework of the basement window itself we suggested our silent tilt option with split tilt operation, this meant Andrew could decide for himself the exact point at where the split tilt should start. By looking into the room from the pavement Andrew could easily judge how much privacy he could gain.

For consistency, he chose the shutters in both rooms to be full height, in the Pure White finish, with 76mm louvres. These larger louvres allow more light to filter in when they are open. Brushed Nickel was chosen for the hinges, based on personal preference over other colour options for these key parts of the shutter design.

In the gym room Andrew opted for shutters with tilt rods with an added mid-rail. As well as being able to match up with existing features on the window, the mid-rail means that the louvres on the top and bottom panel sections can be operated individually, providing increased light control and privacy when required.

North Shields Gym Window Shutters

One of the main reasons for choosing shutters was to gain privacy from people walking by, whilst still allowing light to flood in through the top sections. Using the silent tilt and split tilt operation was therefore the best solution for achieving this coupled with the restrictions of the window itself.

Andrew was really happy with his finished shutters, and we’re sure that he will continue to enjoy them for many years to come!

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Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Pure White
  • Style: Full Height
  • Material: Antigua
  • Features: Brushed Nickel Hinges
  • Louvre size: 76mm
  • Location: North Shields, Tyne and Wear

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