Full Height Window Shutters for Man Cave in Gateshead

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Sea Mist Shutters Gateshead Tyne

Full Height Window Shutters for Man Cave in Gateshead

We recently installed a stylish full height shutter for Carl, one of our customers based in Gateshead. He wanted a more contemporary design for a space he described as a “man cave”. The space was used for working, playing music and chilling, and so wanted to replace the existing blind with a more practical window covering.

The shutters were fitted in Carl’s home in Gateshead, the town just to the south of Newcastle known for landmarks such as the Millennium Bridge and the Angel of the North. After seeing the floral-patterned roller blind when we carried out a survey, we instantly understood why Carl wanted something more reflective of his tastes.

Before                                                                            After

Gateshead Roller Blinds Before     Gateshead Full Height Shutters After

For a window of this size, full height seemed like the obvious choice of style, covering the whole window, and fitted on the edge of the recess to provide a sleek edge for the shutters.

For a clean look, we decided on a silent (hidden) tilt mechanism to operate the louvres. Working with our customer and explaining the different options, we also helped him choose a split tilt operation, meaning that louvres at the top of the panel can be moved separately from those at the bottom. Having a split tilt option means that privacy can be increased whilst still allowing light through the shutter.

Carl chose Bermuda for the material, as the colours and options available in this MDF/ABS shutter matched up with the designs he wanted to achieve. 89mm louvres were selected, as the larger size lets in more light when open, making the small space in the “man cave” seem much larger when filled with natural light.

As a bang on trend colour, he chose Sea Mist, which we find is really popular at the moment, giving off a more modern/fashionable vibe. He also settled for Brushed Nickel for the hinges, again to fit in with the contemporary style of the room.

Being really satisfied with the final installation, we’re sure Carl will love his shutters for years to come! Give us a call on 0191 206 9467 to book a free home appointment and see the difference that shutters could make in your home.


Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Sea Mist
  • Style: Full Height
  • Material: Bermuda
  • Features: Silent Tilt Rod / Split Tilt Operation / Brushed Nickel Hinges
  • Louvre size: 89mm
  • Location: Gateshead

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