Bi-Fold Track Shutters for Patio Doors in Stanley

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Shutters for Patio Doors in Stanley from Shuttercraft

Bi-Fold Track Shutters for Patio Doors in Stanley

We recently installed these beautiful shutters for a customer in Stanley, County Durham. Donna was looking for a window dressing suitable for patio doors in a busy family room in her home. She wanted to make full use of the existing bi-fold doors, which are there to open up her home to the garden, and provide a fantastic area to entertain family and friends during the summer months.

Donna was interested in shutters as she had a couple of issues in her home that she wanted to address. She needed to help insulate the room in winter as well as block out the sun’s glare whilst watching the large screen television mounted on the wall. She was looking for something practical with a modern look to compliment the room.

Shutters installed Stanley County Durham from ShuttercraftAndrew went to her home initially to discuss options in great detail, taking along samples of our shutters and colour ranges, to guide Donna with her decision. Listening to Donna’s ideas and concerns Andrew helped guide her towards free floating shutters which are set on a sliding track system.

Explaining that the shutters would be hinged together in individual pairs, and with the help of previous photographs stored on his iPad, Andrew was able to explain fully how functional and practical free floating shutters are. The shutters bi-fold in pairs and can then be moved to any position on the track system. All to the left, all to the right or a mix of both. The free floating bi-fold track system offers a brilliant design, practicality and is perfectly suited to wide openings such as patio doorways.

Donna wanted coloured shutters rather than white and took time to go through the colour samples Andrew brought to her free home appointment, deciding to opt for the Sea Mist finish from the Bermuda range, which is available in 28 contemporary colours. Sea Mist finish is proving to be an extremely popular colour giving a chic, upmarket and modern look to any home. Made with a robust MDF frame, and ABS louvres, Bermuda is a more cost-effective alternative to hardwood shutters.

Shuttercraft Interior Window Shutters in StanleyFantastically easy to clean, Bermuda gives a stunning yet practical option for a wide range of openings and windows in the home, adding value to any property. Shutters also add a layer of insulation to windows and so were the obvious choice for Donna, helping to keep out the cold air during the winter months, and in turn can help reduce her monthly heating bill. On those rare British summer days, when the sun’s heat is too much to bear, the louvres can be closed, helping to prevent the sun’s rays from coming through her glass patio doors, stopping the heat inside from becoming overwhelming.

Chatting through the design options, Andrew advised that a wider louvre would look stunning, perfectly suited to the height of the doorway, whilst giving the modern look desired and so Donna chose 89mm louvres. Donna also chose silent tilt louvres rather than the more traditional look of tilt rod operation, keeping in line with the contemporary design that she was after.

The added mid-rail allows the top and bottom panels to be opened independently to block out the sun’s glare when needed. The top and bottom sliding tracks allow the free floating shutter panels to be moved to any position with ease.

We recently posted photographs of the completed installation onto our Facebook page, and Donna reacted with a red heart symbol, showing that she simply loves them.

Shutter installation choices:

  • Colour: Sea Mist
  • Style: Free Floating Bi-Fold Track
  • Material: Bermuda
  • Features: Nickel Hinges / Silent Tilt / Mid-rail
  • Louvre size: 89mm
  • Location: Stanley, County Durham

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